What size of Cremation Urn do I need?   BACK

Typically an urn is sized based on the internal cubic inch measurement of the storage chamber for the remains.  Industry standard for sizing an urn is to allow one cubic inch of capacity for each one pound of weight the person or pet last weighed.  Conditions do vary with each crematory.  You should check with your crematory for an estimated urn capacity size.  When viewing our urns the cubic inch capacity is listing with the urn.

What if I need a larger Urn?   BACK

We can custom build urns to almost any size.  Give us a call or send us an email for pricing.

Is the Laser Engraving on the Face Plaque Permanent?   BACK

Yes, the Laser Engraving on the Urn Face Plaque is permanent and will not fade.  The Laser Engraving process produces an high-definition definition image.

Can the Urn be Displayed outdoors?   BACK

No, our hand-crafted wood urns are only suitable for indoor display.

How do I send my Photo for Laser Engraving?   BACK

When you place an order on our website you will be given an opportunity to upload your digital image and submit all your personal imformation for the personalization of your urn.

What if I don't have a digital photograph for Laser Engraving?  BACK

No problem, we can create the digital image for you.  After you place your order you can mail your photograph to us and we will create the digital image for you at no additional charge.  Your photograph will not be harmed during the scanning and will be returned to you with the shipment of your urn.

How long does it take to get my urn?   BACK

Normally we ship an Urn 1-2 days after you place your order and we have final approval of the face plaque layout from you.  When we receive your order we design the face plaque based on your selections made at check-out.  We will send you an approval proof, via email, of the face plaque layout before we Laser Engrave your item.

Can My Urn be Shipped to a Funeral Home or Crematory?   BACK

Yes, we can ship your urn directly to a Funeral Home or Crematory of your choice.  When you complete your order online there will be a place, on the order form, where you can designate where to ship the urn.  This service is only available in the United States.  For International shipments please contact us before placing an order online. 

My Question is not listed here,  how do I find an answer to my question? BACK

Use this link to send us a question.  info@urns4u.com

How Does the Urn Open?

The urns have easily removable bottoms.  To remove the bottom you will need a Phillips head screwdriver to remove five screws.  This will remove the bottom of the urn and open the storage chamber for the urns.  Go to the Human Urns page and scroll to the bottom for a photo.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Personalized Cremation urns for Humans and Pets.